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Cloghernagh Mountain
Cloghernagh Mountain This is a view of Cloghernagh Mountain (800m) taken from the lower flank of Lugnaquilla Mountain. The views of Art's Lough from the top of this mountain make it worth the hike. It is quite taxing to scale from the Fraughan Rock Glen so make sure if you attempt to climb this you plan your route out. See this photograph on Google Maps
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Black grouse
Black grouse Day 10: Motta Palousa 2.144m We were hiking towards Motta Palousa and suddenly some big birds were flying out of the bushes ... were they rock ptarmigan? Or black grouse? Hard to see .... then more flew up ... and more ... we now knew for sure ... black grouse ! Unfortunately I was not able to make a better picture ... they are fast! ______________________________________________ Copyright © 2020 Desiree van Oeffelt all rights reserved. Please do not use my photos on blogs, websites or any other media without my permission.
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McKinney Falls State Park
McKinney Falls State Park 1850's homestead located inside McKinney Falls State Park in Texas. Thank you little puffy clouds for showing up at just the right time!
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Philmont Scout Ranch
Philmont Scout Ranch Cimarroncito after some rock climbing.
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Abseil Somewhere, somewhen; I forget. Possibly Scafell, possibly somewhere in the Alps. This was scanned from a slide taken long ago, back when I did such things as go climbing and shoot with slide film. Because it's a scan the resolution isn't terrific. Nice shot though, I think.
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Sunset Rock Climbing Rock Climber shirt
Sunset Rock Climbing Rock Climber shirt Even though the first season Sunset Rock Climbing Rock Climber shirt . finale felt like a perfect cap to its seven-episode run in 2017, it was hard to nag away the feeling that there was still more of the Big Little Lies story to tell. And just a little more than two years later, audiences are ready to welcome the Monterey Five back with open arms.Sunset Rock Climbing Rock Climber shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirtAhead of the new season’s debut on June 9, HBO celebrated with an event that seemed to rival Amabella’s birthday party Sunset Rock Climbing Rock Climber shirt . Stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoë Kravitz walked the carpet at Jazz at Lincoln Center. The actresses buzzed with excitement—not only because of their long-awaited reunion, but also because of the latest addition to the ensemble, a certain Ms. Meryl Streep. “I mean, it’s a dream come true,” Witherspoon said of adding the three-time Oscar winner to the show’s new season. “The fact that she spent the collateral that she has in her career on a show like this means the world to us, and there’s nothing better than female partnership.” After screening the first episode, the party poured into the lobby as guests mingled and hopped through the various booths, bars, and eateries sprinkled throughout. A DIY taco station, a caricature artist, and a makeup bar were just some of the spots that guests could hit up before making their way to the photo booth.
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