1 1/4″ x 18′ Polypro / Braided Climbing Rope

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Product Description

Smaller than normal 1 1/4″ O.D. climbing ropes can be more friendly to smaller climbers than standard 1 1/2″ O.D. ropes. Tops of the ropes have metal eye fitting for easy installation to ceiling attachment. 18′ rope standard length with a braided end.¶

“Polypro “Unmanila” Ropes “Unmanila” ropes consist of a specially manufactured polypro material which looks and feels like natural fiber ropes with superior strength and 2/3 the weight. Texture on surface allows good grip. Particularly popular on elementary level.¶

Safety Instructions:
Remember to always use appropriate mats under and around all climbing equipment. All sporting and PE activities carry the risk of injury to the participants. Improperly maintained equipment and inadequately supervised programs are significant contributing factors. All equipment must be thoroughly inspected and maintained to reduce the risk to the users.