Omega Pacific Locking Climbing Carabiner, D, Screw Locking – Black, Rock Climbing Gear and Equipment, Safety, Rescue, Industrial, and Arborist Uses

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We’re A us manufacturer of climbing and rescue hardware, based in Spokane County, Washington state. We’ve been building carabineers and other gear for over thirty years and are responsible for some of the most significant advances in carabineer technology-particularly through our breakthrough, ISO cold-forging process-the industry has seen. We offer a broad line of products for recreational climbers and a professional grade line of steel and aluminum carabineers for ¬†firefighters, rope access and working at height. Quality is a culture here. Our factory is ISO 9001 certified and our goods offer third-party certifications from case, NFPA, CSA & ANSI (depending on style) and each and every one of our carabineers is proof-loaded to half its rated strength prior to leaving our factory.”.
STRENGTH – Major Axis 31 Kn (6970 lbs), Minor Axis 9 Kn (2025 Lbs, Gate Open 9 Kn (2025 Lbs)
DIMENSIONS – Gate Opening 16mm, Weight 74 gm
BENEFIT – Rope Friendly True Radii (No Flat Spots) all rope bearing surfaces
CERTIFICATION – CE and ISO 9000 Certified (2015)
TESTING – Each Carabiner Proof Load Tested To 50% of Rated Strength