Learn New Climbing Techniques

Whether you’re an avid rock climber or a novice who has just started to think about mountain climbing, there are always tips and tricks that can help you enjoy your favorite sport more safely. Before you embark on your next mounting climbing adventure, check out the tips, tricks and equipment recommendations we’ve gathered for you here. We’ve got all the information you’d ever want about rock climbing, mountaineering and other extreme adventure sports. Visit us for mountain climbing gear and equipment reviews, information about training for mountain climbing and rock climbing and just about anything else related to the sport.


From the basics to advanced lessons, you can learn new climbing techniques, get tips on safe knot-tying, belaying, leading and the other basics you need to know before you set out on a serious climb. Learn about the most common – and the deadliest – mistakes, and how you can avoid making them. We’ll always feature the information you need to know to get you and your team safely up and back down the mountain.

The Right Mountain Climbing Equipment

Get expert advice on how to choose the best rock climbing and mountain climbing equipment, with in- depth reviews and information about the pros and cons of your favorite brands and equipment. Now sure how to choose active rock climbing protection? Want to know what equipment you absolutely must bring with you on your next climb? We’ve got advice on choosing carabiners, safety gear, climbing harnesses and ropes, crampons and just about anything else you might need for your climbing trip. Look for climbing and mountaineering checklists, gear packing tips and more.


All the Climbing News

From the newest materials and equipment for your active, outdoor lifestyle to the best trails and climbs, we’ll serve up all the latest news in the world of mountain climbing and rock climbing. We feature breaking news, tips and coverage of everything you need to know to keep in touch with the climbing world.

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Mountain Climbing Training

You never stop training for your next climb, and we’ll never let you down with the advice and information you need to make the most of your training. Get advice on the best mountain climbing training classes and the top mountain climbing equipment and training boards, learn how to winterize your rack and keep all of your equipment in tip-top condition. If you’re serious about rock climbing and mountain climbing, this is the place to find everything you need to enjoy your mountaineering year-round.