Climbing Board Training

Climbing Training Boards: What They Are

Climbing boards are pieces of mountain climbing training equipment that consist of a resin or wood board that you can hang above a doorway or other small space. The board has a variety of pockets and handholds cut into it or attached to it so that you can train your upper body, and your fingers. Most climbing boards are designed to mount permanently on a wall with long wood screws, but there are some that can be hung temporarily in a doorway like a pull up bar. One of the newer innovations in climbing training boards is the Blank Slate Climbing Trainer, which allows you to install your own unique combinations of climbing holds so that you can train on the slopes and finger holds that fit your training routine. It’s as close as you can get to a full-scale rock- climbingwall in your home.

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Finally, there are rock rings, which are miniature climbing boards — about 4 to 6 inches across and the same from top to bottom – with a couple of finger holds in each ring. They’re designed to be hung from a joist or pull up bar with the included ropes, giving you a completely portable hanging board for climbing training.

While you won’t get a full climbing experience from a hanging board, you will get lots of practice hanging and pulling up using a variety of hand and finger holds. For about the cost of a good rope, you can own one of the best ways to train and stay in shape for climbing without leaving your home.