For me climbing is all about rhythm, not just while actually climbing, but with regard to everything that being a climber encompasses. Without regular practice, it is hard to keep your climbing game sharp, so for me it is really important to maintain that regular rhythm of going to the gym or climbing outside multiple times per week. Any deviation from that throws me out of my rhythm and it can be hard to get back into the flow of things.

I’m sure many of you have noticed my prolonged absence from posting on this site.1. It has been a struggle to pinpoint why I haven’t been posting lately, but then I realized… it was all about rhythm.

This is not the end, though.  I expect I will keep this site up for many years to come, and I suspect I will get the itch to return to writing about climbing, just not as frequently as I once did.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though.  The rhythm I once enjoyed started to falter the past couple of years, especially during my two year stint in Boulder4.  I thought that when I returned to life in Wisconsin three months ago the rhythm would return, and for a few weeks around ABS Nationals it did. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a fleeting moment.

If there is one thing that allowed me to post on this site almost daily for 8 years, it was maintaining a consistent rhythm of posts2.  Work, my climbing, real life, vacations, I didn’t allow any of it to throw me out of my rhythm.  I got up most every morning and put something up on this site3. For a long time, it was smooth sailing.

I came to a realization:  I don’t have the same passion I once did for staying in the necessary rhythm to update this site on a daily basis.


As always, a massive thank you to everyone who has read and supported the site these 8+ years.  I could never have imagined all the positive things that would have come out of this experience when it first began, nor could I have foreseen all the great people that would come into my life as a part of it, so thank you.

Writing this blog is much the same.

What does this mean going forward?  Well, I’m not really sure.  The one thing I’m fairly certain about is that I don’t foresee posting about climbing news as much as I once did.  The reasons for this are many:  it seems like pretty much everyone is climbing 5.14d+ or V14+ these days, social media has made it much easier to follow the climbers you care about than when I started this site in 2007, and there are a lot of good media sources out there today doing a better job than I want to or could do right now.

  1.  Thanks to those of you who reached out wondering if I was still alive
  2.  Over 2600 posts to date!
  3.  Or in the case of vacations, I got up one morning and pre-wrote a bunch of content to last through the time I would be gone
  4.  It turns out there is a lot to do there.  And it’s really expensive.  So I had to prioritize, and activities and making money came before this site.


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